Special Event: Davos

Watch our feed from Davos where the World Economic Forum debates responsible and responsive leadership this week. We are in Davos to engage with leaders as they discuss their roles in these uncertain times.

Did Davos leaders lose their nerve on how to guarantee Responsive and Responsible Leadership?

Senior business leaders said privately that the public WEF sessions didn’t address frankly the enormous challenges or the need for humility.  Outside the  Congress Centre,  non-official meetings and events did discuss the failings of leadership and the trust gap. Did WEF miss a key opportunity?  Will the new The Compact for Responsive and Responsible Leadership be worth the paper it is written on?

Nik Gowing, who has participated in Davos for nearly 20 years,  gives his personal reflections a vantage point from the mountains overlooking Davos, on the WEF’s unwillingness to think the unthinkable.


Are leaders losing their “operating licence” from consumers and citizens?

That’s one of the questions that came up on the first day of World Economic Forum 2017. Nik Gowing has this reflection from outside the Davos Congress Centre.

Nik Gowing asks: How frank will leaders dare to be in Davos?

Nik Gowing asks; how open can leaders at the highest levels gathering in Davos be about the failings and the new challenges to leadership?