Thinking the Unthinkable at high altitude

The Get Together 2017 in Chamonix closed, as it began, with a dynamic session thinking the unthinkable. The sessions started with an inspiring mountain train ride up to Montenvert-Mer de Glace (2,000 metres) with 200 executives and leaders. Watch Nik Gowing in the first train brainstorming – blue-sky thinking at high altitude. For more about... (Read more)

Leadership unnerved – a new approach is needed

Leaders are scared and struggling in this new era of extraordinary and unexpected disruption. How do we know? That is what privately many have confided to us. Read our latest analysis of an unprecedented series of confessions by leaders this Summer. It is not just about the drama of Donald Trump's Presidency. A series of leaders in US corporate world and in British public life have been humiliated. Here's why. (Read more)

What does the next generation want? That was question debated by new generation leaders from across the world.
Nik Gowing was the moderator of the Northern Light 2017 Summit pre-conference in Helsinki on June 29 2017.
Starting off the discussion were two prominent political leaders, Anders Borg (former Swedish Finance Minister),
and Alexander Stubb (former Finnish Prime Minister).

Watch Nik Gowing’s encounter with 700 risk managers on the new world of risk on June 12, 2017.

The “hot” question was: how to manage the new world of unthinkables?  It took place just after a classic illustration: the “shock” British election, which confounded pundits and politicos alike,

Hosted by Airmic (the professional association of risk managers) at their annual conference, Nik gave an update on the research that he and co-author Chris Langdon have been doing.

Among the questions: how to cope with information overload and fake news, and how do risk managers best engage decision-makers on the new risk environment?  The final question; how do we develop capable leaders?

Read more about Airmic here:  https://www.airmic.com/

Nik Gowing hosted a sold-out workshop on Thinking the Unthinkable at the Hay Festival on June 4 2017. Video credit: The Hay Festival.

Catch this short video by members of Le Mouvement. In a fascinating experiment they come together to discuss the challenges OCP faces as one of the world’s largest phosphate producers. These brainstormings are hosted at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, in Benguerir, 50 miles north of Marrakech. Should other companies be doing this? Video credit: OCP.

Watch Nik Gowing’s comments just before the start of Café Culture. It’s a two hour dynamic dialogue with le Mouvement on thinking the unthinkable, held on May 10 2017.

Le Mouvement is the name of a cross generational group of staff-members from OCP, the major Moroccan mining company. 

UK election “shock” isn’t unthinkable! Here’s why…

Another “unthinkable result in Britain?

The extraordinary UK election result on June 8th 2017 – a hung Parliament –  is yet another sign that leaders like Theresa May are out of touch with the public mood. Why are leaders finding it so hard to think the unthinkable – or address the unpalatable? What seemed like an smart move by Theresa... (Read more)